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Pax Vobis (peace be unto you) is a non-ecclesiastical association, where no vows or promises are made. Everyone is a beneficiary of all the prayers and good works of all the members.

The Latin Tridentine Mass will be offered every first Sunday of the month for the members. It is suggested that each member of this apostolate recite the daily rosary and promote the good works of this apostolate.

All members will recieve free updates concerning the apostolate.

Matthew Moore
Bill Jasper
Carmen Jasper
Christopher Jasper
Jonathan Jasper
David Spencer
Ralph Gasbarro
Bryan Pacey
Allan DeVillena
Marjorie DeVillena
Allan DeVillena II
Aloysius DeVillena
Jorge Saniel Sr.
Virginia Saniel
Jorge Saniel Jr.
Teresita Saniel
Tim Brady
Mary Whritenour
Nick Landholt
Pamela Buros
Kate Feulner
Erin Feulner
Barb Schoeneberger
Mary Shea
Greg Demers
Peggy Demers
Amanda Demers
Andrea Demers
Angela Demers
Anthony Demers
Alexandra Demers
Aaron Demers
Abraham Demers
Anna Demers
Amelia Demers
Chris Dalimata
Theresa Dalimata
Annie Dalimata
Jacinta Dalimata
Celine Dalimata
Neil Dalimata
Nick Dalimata
Deirdre Dalimata
Joe Dalimata
Danielle Dalimata
Jake Dalimata
Madlene Dalimata
John Dalimata
Ruth Dalimata
Richard Dalimata
Steve Dalimata
Mark Dalimata
Melanie Dalimata
Mike Dalimata
Patty Dalimata
Colleen Dalimata
Matt Dalimata
Tim Dalimata
Marty Dalimata
Mark Dalimata
Melanie Dalimata
Jeonie Holt
Jennifer Nelson
Ellen O'Hara
Karol Brown
Francis deTar
Maureen deTar
Christopher deTar
Rory deTar
Emily deTar
Genevieve deTar
Lauren deTar
Joe Gillilan
Janice Gillilan
John Gillilan
David Gillilan
Paul Gillilan
Natalie Gillilan
Melissa Gillilan
Joseph Gillilan
Thomas Gillilan
Monica Gillilan
Maria Gillilan
Peter Gillilan
David Eby
Betty Lou Eby
Nathan Eby
Melinda Eby
Damien Van der Putten
Danielle Van der Putten
Dominique Van der Putten
Isaac Van der Putten
Steve Woodson
Ramona Woodson

  If you would like to be a member of Pax Vobis, please send an email to:

  Please include your name, address, and phone number.

   *Member names are posted on a voluntary basis.