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How Youth Must Live The Faith

What is our role as Christians in the world? Why are we here? Who made us, and why? Do we really believe in God?

In this exciting and very informative talk, Fr. Benedict VanderPutten explains how Catholicism is the most exciting, intelligent, and easiest religion there is.

As St. Thomas Acquinas teaches, everyone is born with a sense, through reason, that there is a God, a greater power than ourselves - and how Catholicism is the only religion that embodies and embraces the natural law. Learn how a university program, which taught the natural truth and produced many religious vocations, was banned because a Jewish boy converted to Catholicism. Natural truth leads one to Catholicism.

So why aren't Catholics excited about their Faith? Why are Catholics converting to Mormonism? Why aren't there young people in our Catholic Church preaching the Gospel, spreading and loving the Faith? Do Catholics know the spiritual works of St. John of the Cross, St. Gertrude, or St. Catherine? Who gets excited about these saints? The new-agers. Who loves Gregorian Chant? People of the world who have appreciation for culture and music. Why are the best-performed liturgies of the mass not performed in Catholic Churches? Why are kids of the world not embarrassed to show their religion by wearing rings in their noses, or purple hair, but Catholic kids are embarrassed to wear a rosary or medal around their neck? Do our children spend more hours on computers and chat mail, than they do on spiritual reading? Is it true that those outside the Church seem to have more zeal for their false gods than we do as Catholics, who have the true God? Why do Protestants, Mormons, and others know their bible and faith better than Catholics? Are we spreading the Gospel, preaching the Faith, and converting our neighbor as God commanded us?

As St. Thomas says, anybody can be Catholic. Only Catholicism satisfies the human mind, the human soul, and the human heart.